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Glyco-Polypeptides (Comosain) and Chimeric White Blood Cell Therapy in Late-Stage Refractory Solid Carcinoma of Lung, Prostatic and Bladder Cancers Review of 35 Cases

Benedict S Liao1*, Elizabeth Harvowitz2, Austin Liao3, Alex Liao3, Burton Liao3, Judy F-C Li3

1Emeritus Professor, Director of Gynecology Oncology, King Drew Medical University, USA

2Professor, California Institute of Technology, LA, CA, USA

3Research Assistant, Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, King Drew Medical University, USA

Corresponding Author*: Benedict S Liao, Director of Molecular Biology & Immunology, Oeyama-Moto Cancer Research Foundation, 3106 E Garvey Ave, South West Covina, CA, 91791, USA

Received Date: September 19, 2021

Accepted Date: September 30, 2021

Published Date: October 06, 2021


We employed Glyco-polypeptides in human subjects to induce leucocyte immune production which including interleukins and Tumor Necrotizing Factors (TNF) result in necrosis, fibrinolysis, anti-metastatic effects in late-stage carcinoma of lung, prostate, and bladder, and achieved excellent anti-tumor effects. Then investigation were carried out in animal. The cancer cells cultures were performed in our laboratory. By injection of cancer cell fluid into peritoneal cavity of animal in 6 groups (white rabbits). Tumor growth in animals were obtained in 3 months, then polypeptides were injected into peritoneal cavity every 2 weeks at a dose of 15 mg for 6 months, then animals were sacrificed and examined shown no tumor growth in the peritoneum. We applied FDA phase 2 clinical trials with IND 116911. Tests were carried out in 2 groups, the low dose group on 10 mg/kg/ day, and high dose group on 50 mg/kg/day for a period of more than 6-8 months. A total number of 35 patients with 3rd and 4th stage of refractory solid tumors of lung, prostate, and bladder were enrolled from referring center, 24 patients were not eligible and excluded, whom at least previously failed on two regimens of chemotherapy and /or failed on radiation therapy, the rates of complete response and partial responses in high dose cohort were astonishing with rate of 74% and 20% respectively. Stable diseases and Progressive diseases in high dose cohort were astonishing with rate of 0% and 5.7%. The implications and results of the findings are discussed. P value ≤0.05. Our findings in this study were correspondence with Dr. Maurer, Dr. Eckert, Dr. Harrach and many other authors. Glyco-polypeptides in treating various type of cancers only high dose are effective. There were no hematological, hepato-renal toxicities.

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