Annals of Case Reports (ISSN: 2574-7754)

Case Report

Complete Rectal Prolapse in Children: Case Report

Petrone Emma,1* Santini Gennaro,2 Lista Rita,1 SaggiomoGiovanni,3 Vuilleumier Pierluigi,1 Gaglione Giovanni,3

1Pediatric Department AORN Santobono, Napoli, Italy

2Public adminastration , Napoli, Italy

3Surgery Pediatric Department AORN Santobono Napoli, Italy

Corresponding Author*: Petrone Emma, Pediatric Department AORN Santobono, Napoli, Italy

Received Date: 12 April, 2021

Accepted Date: 26 August, 2021

Published Date: 31 August, 2021


A 3-years-old child presented to the department of pediatrics with a complaint of a red-coloured mass protruding from his anus. Child had difficulty sitting down, difficulty evacuating, anal itching, inconsolable crying, recurrence of prolapse several times in a day. Prolapse occurred with any occasion of increased abdominal pressure, such as coughing, hiccups, or excessive laughter. Given the negativity of the history, we studied the spinal nerve function which is normal. Laxative therapy gave good results 12 months later. At the follow-up of another 12 months, the prolapse occurred once. In our case, the rectal prolapse was complete and 1st degree. For the management of rectal prolapse, the conservative approach is a possibility. For cases that do not respond to the conservative approach, there are different surgical options than those suitable for the adult

Keywords: Complete rectal prolapse; Children; Conservative management