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Clinical and Imaging Misdiagnosis of Intracranial Fibrosarcoma

Chun Zhou, Wenqian Jiang, Qingyu Wu, Yongming Tan*

Department of Medical Imaging, First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, Jiangxi Province, China

*Corresponding author: Yongming Tan, The First Affiliated Hospital of Nanchang University, Department of Radiology, Yongwaizheng Street 17, Nanchang, Jiangxi Province, 330006, China

Established Facts

Primary Intracranial Fibrosarcoma (PIF) is an uncommonly invasive tumor, accounting for 0.5-2.7% of all central nervous system tumors. There is no specificity in clinical symptoms, but headache or epilepsy are often the initial symptoms.

Novel Insights

  1. Primary Intracranial Fibrosarcoma (PIF) is an uncommonly invasive tumor, increased awareness of the CT characteristics of this rare tumor may broaden the radiologist’s knowledge base.
  2. Understanding the imaging features of Primary Intracranial Fibrosarcoma is contribute to diagnose and further to treat it.

Received Date: 11 July, 2022

Accepted Date: 28 July, 2022

Published Date: 03 August, 2022

Citation: Zhou C, Jiang W, Wu Q, Tan Y (2022) Clinical and Imaging Misdiagnosis of Intracranial Fibrosarcoma. Int J Nurs Health Care Res 5: 1320. DOI:


Introduction: To improve the clinical and imaging understanding of Primary Intracranial Fibrosarcoma (PIF) and reduce the misdiagnosis rate. Case Presentation 4 patients with PIF confirmed by pathology were collected and their clinical manifestations, CT and MRI findings were analysed. The main clinical manifestations were headache. Two cases had slightly higher CT findings and isodense mass shadow. Both cases had iso-low T1T2 mass signal on magnetic resonance imaging. Pathological findings showed tumor cells. Conclusion: The clinical manifestations of PIF patients were not specific. Most of the CT findings were round or lobulated masses with different densities, which were related to the collagen components of the masses. Most of the MRIs showed low T1, T2 signals.

Keywords: Primary intracranial fibrosarcoma; Imaging; Misdiagnosis; Computed tomography

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