Research Article

Analysis of Risk Factors and Treatment Status of Stroke in Young People

by Guo Yucai1, Wang Qi1, Xu Mengyu2, Wang Zixuan2, Jia Xuefeng2, Zhang Lifang3*, Li Bingxia3, Bao Lihua3

1Changzhi Medical College, Changzhi 046000, China

2ShanXi Medical University, Taiyuan 030000, China

3Department of Neurology, Changzhi People's Hospital, Changzhi 046000, China

*Corresponding author: Zhang Lifang, Department of Neurology, Changzhi People's Hospital, Changzhi 046000, China

Received Date: 28 July 2023

Accepted Date: 02 August 2023

Published Date: 04 August 2023

Citation: Yucai G, Qi W, Mengyu X, Zixuan W, Xuefeng J, et al (2023) Analysis of Risk Factors and Treatment Status of Stroke in Young People. Ann Case Report. 8: 1390.


Purpose: At present, there is no conclusion on the risk factors of stroke in young people. The purpose of this paper is to analyse the current situation of young people with ischemic stroke and explore the possible risk factors, to guide intervention, diagnosis and identification of high-risk groups in the early stage.

Method: Young patients with ischemic stroke admitted in the Department of Neurology of Changzhi people's Hospital from April 1, 2022 to April 1, 2023 were included retrospectively. Collect the following data according to the patient's medical records: demographic information (age, sex), chief complaint, history of hypertension, history of diabetes, history of other diseases (including other systemic diseases, history of surgery, history of trauma), history of smoking, history of drinking, BMI at admission, NHISS score at admission, responsible blood vessels, whether or not to undergo thrombolytic therapy, etc. The data were collected by Excel table and statistically analysed by SPSS26.0 and other software’s. The counting data were expressed as [n (%)], and the results retained two decimal places.

Result: (1) A total of 55 patients were enrolled in the trial group. The youngest of them is 25. The patients aged from 42 to 45 accounted for 45.45% of the total. Male accounts for 83.64% of the total population. (2) The chief complaint is as follows: limb weakness in 32, poor speech in 23 cases, limb numbness in 16 cases, dizziness in 11 cases, headache in 4 cases, disturbance of consciousness in 4 cases, blurred vision in 3 cases, stiff tongue in 2 cases, squabble askew in 2 cases, visual field defect in 1 cases, paroxysmal binocular roll with squabble convulsions in 1 case. (3) 3.64% of patients seek medical attention within 3 hours of onset. 12.73% of patients seek medical attention within 4.5 hours of onset. 20.00% of patients seek medical attention within 6 hours of onset. The patients in the thrombolysis time window are 100% likely to accept thrombolysis after excluding the Contraindication of thrombolysis. 70.01% of patients with a NIHSS score ≤3 on admission. (4) 70.01% of patients with a NIHSS score ≤3 on admission. (5) 69.09% of patients have a BMI≥24. Among these patients with a BMI≥28, 57.89% have an BMI≥28. The highest BMI index can reach 41.03. (6)60.00% have a history of hypertension. 18.18% had a previous diabetes history. Among the included patients, eight cases had a history of trauma, of which seven cases had a history of fractures caused by trauma. Nine Cases of Previous Surgical History. 63.64% of all patients had a history of smoking, with 97.14% having a smoking history of over 10 years. 52.73% of all patients have a history of drinking alcohol in the past, with 34.48% having a history of drinking for over 10 years. (7) The responsible vessels involved are large blood vessels: left internal carotid artery 3 cases, right internal carotid artery 1 case, left anterior cerebral artery 1 case, right anterior cerebral artery 1 case, left middle cerebral artery 10 cases, right middle cerebral artery 13 cases, left posterior cerebral artery 1 case, right posterior cerebral artery 2 cases, basilar artery 2 cases, left vertebral artery 1 case, right vertebral artery 4 cases.

Conclusion: (1) The incidence of ischemic stroke tends to increase with age in young people, especially in males. (2) Age, sex, overweight or obesity, hypertension, diabetes, history of bone fracture, history of surgery, smoking and drinking may be risk factors for ischemic stroke in young people. (3) The most common ischemic stroke in young people is "mild stroke" (NIHSS score ≤ 3). (4) Physical weakness, poor speech and limb numbness are the three main complaints of young stroke patients. (5) The most common responsible vessels in atherosclerosis of large arteries are bilateral middle cerebral arteries. (6) Very few patients can go to the hospital within 3 or 4.5 hours after the onset of the disease. (7) In the time window, after communicating the benefits and risks of thrombolysis with patients and their families, it was agreed that the thrombolysis rate was 100%, and the public attitude towards the treatment of young stroke was positive.

Keywords: Ischemic stroke; Risk factors; Young people

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